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School recycling schemes

10 March 2015

Helpful suggestions, sent to us by Louise, a volunteer at Community Initiatives (louise.barker@communityinitiatives.org.uk).

Community Initiatives are looking to encourage students and parents across the UK to recycle more.

The following link may be of interest to you:

Empty toner/ink cartridges: https://www.stinkyinkshop.co.uk/pages/recycling-empty-cartridges


School recycling schemes

10 March 2015

Helpful suggestions, sent to us by Louise, a volunteer at Community Initiatives (louise.barker@communityinitiatives.org.uk).

Community Initiatives are looking to encourage students and parents across the UK to recycle more.

The following link may be of interest to you:

Unwanted textiles: http://www.bag2school.com/u/k/home/


School recycling schemes

10 March 2015

Helpful suggestions, sent to us by Louise, a volunteer at Community Initiatives (louise.barker@communityinitiatives.org.uk).

Community Initiatives are looking to encourage students and parents across the UK to recycle more.

The following link may be of interest to you:

Wastebuster: http://jointhepod.org/campaigns/campaign/28


BBC World Class

06 January 2014

School partnerships project from the BBC - features global citizenship resources and school assembly kits.

Join the Commonwealth Class today!


Nelson Mandela resources

10 December 2013

Global Dimension website have some very helpful resources, to help teachers explain about the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela.

18 July is Nelson Mandela's birthday, and in November 2009, the UN General Assembly declared 18 July Nelson Mandela International Day in recognition of the former South African President’s contribution to the culture of peace and freedom. It is a call to action for people everywhere to take responsibility for making the world a better place, one small step at a time, just as Nelson Mandela did.

You can find further information about the Day, and about Mandela's life, on the UN's Nelson Mandela International Day web pages (http://www.un.org/en/events/mandeladay/) and also on the Nelson Mandela Foundation website (http://www.nelsonmandela.org/).

The BBC website has a range of information about Nelson Mandela that could be useful in helping you celebrate this day in school. There is a profile of Mandela (http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/historic_figures/mandela_nelson.shtml) in its 'historic figures' section. There are also various film clips on aspects of Mandela's life in the BBC Learning Zone (http://www.bbc.co.uk/apps/ifl/learningzone/clips/queryengine?ContentType=text%2Fhtml%3B+charset%3Dutf-8&SuppressCaching=1&page=1&pagesize=12&results=search&config=results_pre&attrib_1=SCHOOL_LEVEL_NAME&oper_1=eq&val_1_1=&attrib_2=SUBJECT_NAME&oper_2=eq&val_2_1=&attrib_3=TOPIC&oper_3=eq&val_3_1=&attrib_4=SearchText&oper_4=eq&val_4_1=mandela&clipsSearch.x=24&clipsSearch.y=8).

Another great site to explore is the Nelson Mandela Digital Archive (http://archives.nelsonmandela.org/).

(Information copied from Global Dimension Calendar: http://www.globaldimension.org.uk/calendar)


BBC World Class

09 December 2013

School partnerships project from the BBC - features global citizenship resources and school assembly kits.

Join the Commonwealth Class today!


ActionAid - free resources!

06 November 2013

FREE resources for all Key Stages, including lesson ideas, activities, assemblies, etc.


Edeos - animated online videos

15 November 2012

Last year, Edeos produced a short animated video clip which gives an overview about Human Rights. Since the video did find a huge audience in the World Wide Web, they decided to produce three more in-depth clips about the same topic. Each of them deals with one of the three dimensions of Human Rights.

In addition, a number of cross-cutting issues are explained. For example, the history of Human Rights, the role of NGOs such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, or the problems of the Human Rights system.

Together the overview clip and the three specific clips provide a profound knowledge about Human Rights.

The first clip focuses on the first dimension, the Civil and Political Rights. It also shows how Human Rights evolved as well as where human rights are violated today and by whom.

It can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3L4r47WiqMw

The clips are licensed as Creative Commons. They can be used and distributed for free, for example as educational material, on social media channels or embedded on websites and blogs. If you like it- please share!

Additional information about the project:

The clips will be subsequently translated and released in several languages (German, Spanish, French, Arabic)

If you want to stay informed about the project and the other clips of the human rights series, please subscribe to their social media channels:

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/weareedeos
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/edeos.org



16 July 2012

...is a website that allows you to see all that your neighbours are giving away or lending. It's a giant attic, garden shed, toolkit, fancy dress chest, library and DVD collection for you and anyone living within one mile of your home.

It is a website which shows you the skills or things your neighbours are willing to share, loan or give away. It lets you see everything in your square mile that your neighbours are offering. We think it could help to build the community, save money and help the environment all in one.

There don't seem to be many people on Streetbank in the Derby area (no-one within a mile of me!) so it would be great to see more people join.

(Thanks to Rosy for sending us this information :) )


STAR4Africa - School2school programme

27 June 2012

STAR4Africa are a school linking charity, linking schools in the UK and Africa.

They are currently looking to recruit new schools onto their School2school programme.

Please take a look at the flyer and link to their website for more information.

If you would like to discuss this, please contact: Projects@STAR4Africa.org.uk

Thank you :)


Recycling for kids!

13 June 2012

Just received some great feedback, from Clare Ventura, on our Green Flag for Development on-line resources!

"I just wanted to write in and say thanks for publishing such a great site on recycling. I am really pleased about the number of links in addition to the great content available on http://www.green-flag.org.uk/WasteLinks.aspx. I'm very keen on teaching my daughters about the wonders of recycling and how it can help the environment. I spent hours online looking for a good resource until I discovered your website. It was a breeze going through your page - you really did a good job here. Such a big help for a busy father like me. Now your site is just a click away from my bookmark.

I am hoping that you continue to maintain your page and as a simple token of my gratitude, I'd like to give you an educational website that I know would be a very good addition to your list. I also use http://www.startlocal.com.au/articles/educational_recycling.html as reference; it is also good source of information on educating kids about recycling.

I hope I was able to help you in some way because you surely did help me by making my job easier. Love to know if you found my suggestions helpful."

Clare's suggestion is accessible via the following link:


World Water Day 2012 - useful resources

19 March 2012

Further to our World Water Day 2012-themed "tea-time taster", held on 15 March, at the bottom of this section are a couple of helpful links which you may find useful (the file is the "How much water? ... game" and the link is for the full version (via YouTube of the Blue Gold documentary).

Other useful website are:



27 January 2012

The Citizenship Foundation are offering this course free for schools at the moment. The deadline is February 24th. They have told me that there are four more places left. All schools have to do is fill out the form in the attachment. More details are listed below.

If you need any further information, please contact Veronica at The Citizenship Foundation: veronica.persson@citizenshipfoundation.org.uk

Has your school thought about going greener? Need some ideas and training to get started? Why not join our Active Citizenship Residential that trains a group of young people on how to run their own green campaign?

The Make the Link – Climate exChange www.mtl-cec.org programme run by the Citizenship Foundation and Plan UK gives the possibility of 7 selected schools to come for weekend training on how to run a successful environmental campaign in the school. This is a great opportunity for a group of Gifted and Talented students, an Eco-group and the Student council.

Residential in 2012
Doncaster, South Yorkshire 11th-13th May 2012 in the brand new Kingswood eco-centre Dearne Valley

We offer for free:

“The highlight of the weekend was seeing the teams work together and support each other”, Nicola Wigley, Deputy Head Plantsbrook school

“I learned a lot about campaigning and how to make my voice heard”, Ginette 13


E: veronica.persson@citizenshipfoundation.org.uk
T: 020 7566 4151


FREE water-themed educational resources

14 December 2011

Inspire children to collect buckets of pennies for buckets of water!

This autumn term inspire children at your school to collect buckets of pennies for buckets of clean water for children like Chisomo in some of the world's poorest countries.

Ordering your free teaching and fundraising resources only takes a minute!

Our school's resources have been written by teachers to help you explore water issues with your children. Your support this autumn will enable WaterAid to install boreholes and sanitation blocks to help some of the world's poorest countries.

So encourage children to start making a big difference with their small change today!


Real Cool Futures!

22 November 2011

How could you use your talent, skills and passions to join the Climate Revolution?

Have you ever considered whether the work you do could be part of the solution to climate change? Across the UK, more people than ever before are using their talents to work in jobs that have a positive impact on climate change and sustainability.

Eden Project's website - created too surprise and inspire you!


FREE water-themed educational resources

21 November 2011

Bring WaterAid's work to life this term and get your school or group collecting Buckets of pennies for buckets of water. There is an estimated £65 million in lost pennies in the UK so order your resources now to help WaterAid make a big difference with your small change today!


Resources for 21st century teaching and learning!

19 October 2011

These lesson plans are designed to help teachers help students develop 21st century skills while exploring global themes. Each lesson is customizable, uses the project-based learning methodology, and lists learning outcomes, age appropriateness, technology and time requirements.


Thought-provoking cartoons!

13 October 2011

Library of many thought-provoking cartoons on subjects such as: aid & trade, conflict & war, consumerism, corporate rule & democracy, the environment, wealth & poverty, etc.


Haiti Doesn't Need Your Yoga Mat

13 October 2011

A visual history of the West's misguided attempts to send its hand-me-downs to the developing world.


Face Britain Competition (4-16 years)

29 September 2011


Based on the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to be inspired by the arts from an early age, Face Britain is a groundbreaking collaborative national art project to inspire and engage young people across the UK.


KS2 - Riots of Summer 2011

12 September 2011

An important lesson that will help children debate and make sense of events in August 2011. The learning activities include role play to develop empathy and resistance to negative peer pressure.

(Go Givers registration required - this is free of charge.)


Disturbances in English cities

12 September 2011

Red Cross have produced three activities looking at different aspects of the disturbances in English cities during August.

Like all their materials, these resources are neutral and impartial.


10th anniversary of 9/11

12 September 2011

Red Cross have produced an assembly to mark the tenth anniversary of 9/11. This includes in-depth work to use in the classroom, a powerpoint of photographs and follow-up projects.

Like all their materials, these resources are neutral and impartial.


Animated video about human rights

12 September 2011

"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights." This is what it says in the very first Article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The idea of Human Rights is one of the most important fundaments of human co-existence. At the same time human rights are subject to fierce debates and Human Rights violations are common all over the world.

But what exactly are Human Rights? Who is responsible for protecting them? And do they really apply to all people? These are the question the newest animated Video clip in the WissensWerte series deals with.

As part of a Web 2.0 project for political education, the german non-profit organisation /e-politik.de/ e.V. has released an animated video about human rights. Currently there are english, german, spanish and french versions - arabic and nepali versions as well as a version with chinese subtitles are coming soon. All clips are accessible on our YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/weareedeos). The clips are licensed as Creative Commons and can be used, shared and embedded. If you like the clip, please circulate widely (i.e. Newsletter, Facebook). Feedback would be appreciated.

Jan Künzl
-Project Manager WissensWerte-
Gaudystr. 2
10437 Berlin/Germany
Tel: +4930/23130075
Mob: +49176/20790628


A global dimension to food technology!

12 September 2011

Videos: Tortillas, Chapatis, Bread and More Around the World

These videos make for an interesting resource about food from around the world (many similarities).


A political history of Africa since 1900

12 September 2011

The 19th century was a time of huge change on the African continent, the legacy of which - in trade, borders, religions and belief systems - still resonates today.

This is a "Guardian" Global Development, interactive feature.


Citizenship Foundation

12 July 2011

The Citizenship Foundation are an independent education and participation charity that aims to encourage and enable individuals to engage in democratic society.

Founded in 1989, their work focuses in particular on developing young people's citizenship skills, knowledge and understanding of the law, democracy and public life.

Check out their website for more information: http://citizenshipfoundation.org.uk/

Make the Link - Climate exChange is a completely FREE project for key stage 3 and 4 has been developed to promote learning, dialogue and action on climate change by linking UK secondary schools with secondary schools in Malawi, Kenya, Senegal, the Netherlands and Bulgaria. Download the attachment to sign up.


Free resources with an Islamic perspective

27 June 2011

A fresh set of on-line resources have been produced by One World Week, in partnership with Islamic Relief. These lively, visually-engaging resources are suitable for key stage 2 and up and can be downloaded directly from the One World Week website:


Free audio resources to download from SoundAffects

27 June 2011

SoundAffects Education Topics are built around professionally-recorded audio of children in the global South, describing the detail of their daily lives. Samples of these resources can be downloaded from their website - just go to www.soundaffects.org.uk and sign up by clicking the button located in the top left of the page, then download your free lessons.


Resources from Practical Action

27 June 2011

Developed for the 14-19 years engineering diploma in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Engineering - consists of eight practical activities students carry out which raise their awareness and understanding of how important sustainability issues are in engineering. They can also be adapted to look at sustainability issues in science and design and technology so please do take a look.


Resources from Practical Action

27 June 2011

Image Gallery: A collection of images from developing countries divided into topics including transport, climate change, farming and recycling. Each image is embedded in a word doc so is easy to cut and paste and comes with a brief description. Go to www.practicalaction.org.uk/education/image-gallery to view the resource.


Resources from Practical Action

27 June 2011

Looking for a great challenge for Key Stages 2 & 3?
In celebration of their founder, Fritz Schumacher’s centenary year Practical Action are inviting schools to take part in our Small Is...Challenge. Schumacher’s philosophy was based on the idea that even a small change can have a big impact on people’s lives. The challenge for students is to look at technologies from the last 100 years and invent a product that could help us all lead a more sustainable future.


Resources from Practical Action

27 June 2011

A fun hands-on and brains-on challenge for KS2-5

Challenge your students to take on a real life problem affecting people in Nepal.

The challenge can provide a focus for National Science and Engineering Week (11-20th March 2011); be used as a STEM or science club activity; enhance a lesson on forces/friction/levers; form the basis of an enrichment day, provide an activity for SEAL and PLTS and be the starting point for a range of cross-curricular activities.


NEW British Red Cross resources

27 June 2011

Are you looking for imaginative teaching tools that are simple to use? You'll find them here - free resources, ideal for citizenship and PSHE teaching, tutor time and across the curriculum.


New free Chembakolli teaching resources, from Acti

27 June 2011

ActionAid have recently launched a new, up-to-date Chembakolli web section containing lots of free materials to help primary teachers teach about life and change in a village in India.